What was the plan anyway?

This blog is about living your life, when life hasn’t ended up the way you expected. But really, what were you expecting?

Hiking the Inca Trail

Some background on me:

From the country, think 300 people and quite a few more cows. Fun fact: I’m from the only (2) towns in Oregon completely surrounded by national forest.

I’ve traveled to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Bolivia plus most of the United States by myself. Heading on a European adventure in May. This blog has a lot to do with me doing much, much more. I love the world.

Languages do not come easy to me. I took four years of Spanish in high school, minored in college, have spent 6ish months in Spanish speaking countries PLUS I work on a farm (where 50% of the workers speak Spanish). I am still not fluent. My boss does not care.

Romance, like languages, has also not come easy.

For real life, I’m an accounting manager in Portland, Oregon. I work in an extremely fun industry that makes me excited to come to work (most days).

What to know more? Send me a message: whatwastheplanagain@gmail.com


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