How to Start a Blog: Adventures on the Interweb

Corinne Kutz

Thinking of starting a blog? How does one start a blog? Where do they put it? What do you talk about? Will it make money?

I can answers those.

  1. Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.
  2. By writing.
  3. On the internet, that’s where we keep everything nowadays.
  4. Whatever you want.
  5. Probably not.

In this post I’m going to point you where to go for the big five of blog writing.

Step One: Decide what you’re going to talk about.

This could be the most difficult choice, or maybe not? What do you care most about? Personally, I want to write about: travel, money, women’s issues, fitness, food, books, life, how to do things articles. It’s a bit much. I need to prioritize. My blog is going to focus on my current goals: Saving money, paying off debt with the goal to travel the world. This will encompass tools that I use to get there and ideas that can help others. I’m not going to be too fancy with this. I may also teach you about headphones, they’re extremely important in my world, hopefully yours. The current pair I’m wearing are killing my ears (painful).

My point is everyone needs to evaluate their list and prioritize. Or not, just make sure you write about something important to you.

  • What makes you passionate?
  • Do you have a skill you want to teach others?
  • Have you traveled the world and want to share your experiences?
  • Can you win any board game ever and show me how (I’m going to look for this blog)?


Step Two: What internet space taker will you choose (platform).

WordPress Pros: Easy to use, free Cons: Less customization and you will need to transfer after about a year.

Blogger: Pros: Huge community, images, etc. Cons: Out of date designs and Google OWNS your blog.

Tumbler: Pros: Easy to use, easy to share Cons: Less professional, simplistic

SqaureSpace. Pros: Fancy Designs with minimal work Cons: Costs money after 14 days. I hate to spend money.

Step Three: We’re getting serious now. What will you name your blog? If you’re like me, you’ll name it whatever is left. I toyed around with traveleatlive and other variations. Look how fancy I look. But I ultimately chose a name that felt more like me. Whatwastheplan. This is an ode to my life. Nothing goes how I think it will and in the end (can I call it that at my age?) my flexible plan has made me extremely happy. Use a name people can remember, use a name that speaks to who you  and what your blog is.

Step Four: Choose a theme. Whatever platform you choose, there will be themes. How do you want the world to see you? Go simple and add. If the site is too busy, people will leave. Once again, choose a theme that goes with the message and image you want to portray. Create something you and your audience will want to see.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Step Five: Write your first post. Hey look! You’re a blogger now! Good first topics: Goals, Who are you? Monologue (really?), Introduction. Let us know what you’re looking to do. I also suggest working with a schedule. One post down, 365 to go. Make sure you know where you are headed.

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re looking at my archives. This is my first post on whatwastheplan?! You have to start somewhere. Let me know where you want to go. Let me know where you’ve been. And why, that’s probably the best story.

Welcome to my blog. This is not my first rodeo, but please sit back and enjoy, offer suggestions, say hi.

Let’s live this thing we call life.


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